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Dr. Florian Gomez
PhD in Physics (ETH Zurich).
Dr. Stefan Martignoli
PhD in Physics (ETH Zurich).
Lecturer at the Technical University HSR Rapperswil.
Dr. Albert Kern
PhD in Physics (ETH Zurich).
Dr. Daniela Andrés
PhD in Science (National University of La Plata, Argentina).
MD (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Dr. Martin Schüle
PhD in Philosophy/Physics (ETH Zurich).
Dr. Fabiano Ferrari
Assistant Professor at UFVJM, Brazil.
Dr. Thomas Ott
PhD in Theoretical Physics (ETH Zurich).
Professor at ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management
Dr. Jan-Jan van der Vyver
PhD in Electrical Engineering (ETH Zurich).
Dr. Markus Christen
PhD in Neuroinformatics (ETH Zurich).
Dr. Daniel Blank
PhD in Neuroinformatics (ETH Zurich).
Stefano Lecchini
Master of Science in Theoretical Physics (ETH Zurich).
Andrei Nikitchenko
Russian exchange student.