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Format & venue

Ruedi Stoop has generously provided his house in Lavin to host the meeting. It provides an excellent environment for informal discussions and exchange of ideas.

The format of the workshop will more or less as follows. Arrival on Wednesday 19 January and have 2-3 talks on that day in the late afternoon or evening. On the subsequent days we will have 4-5 talks per day on Thursday through Sunday, according to the following schedule:

10.00-12.30: two talks
12.30-13.30: lunch
13.30-19.00: afternoon activity
19.00-20.30: dinner
20.45-23.00: two talks

Monday is departure day.

There will be no registration fee for the workshop. Meals and drinks will be provided free of charge. Regarding lodging there is the option to stay at the house or right across the street in the local hotel. Please contact Ruedi Stoop regarding lodging details.