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Submission of camera ready papers

Instructions for preparation and submission of camera ready papers for NDES'09


The deadline to submit your camera ready papers is April 30, 2009.

If your paper was conditionally accepted you will receive your final acceptance decision once the reviewers have determined that all the required revisions to the paper are complete.

If  your paper was accepted then prepare your camera ready paper taking into account the reviewers suggestions.

In either case submit your final camera ready papers via via E-mail to:

using the  following format of the submission email:

The subject line must be of the form “CAMERA_READY(space)first author(space)topic#” with the topic given from the topic list below. (ex: 'CAMERA_READY Yoko Uwate topic4')
The body must be of the form
'paper title'(new line)
'author list'
'Conference Addiction in Japanese Researchers
Yoko Uwate, Tom Jasa'

 We look forward to seeing you at NDES 2009.

= topic list =

1. Theory, analysis, modeling, implementations and applications of nonlinear circuits and systems in science, technology and biology
2. Coding, language, communication, network analysis, multiscale systems
3. Abstract and detailed neural networks, neurodynamics; nonlinear signal processing
4. Classical and biological computation
5. DNA machines and biological morphogenesis
6. Nonlinear devices: sensors, robots, lasers
7. Time-series analysis of nonlinear systems
8. Chaos control and synchronization
9. Biological oscillations and bifurcations


Paper Preparation Guidelines:

Your paper MUST comply with the following specifications:
          Paper Length: Maximum 4 pages, including figures, tables & references
          Paper Size: A4 (210mm X 297mm)
          Paper formatting: single spaced, double column, 10pt font or larger
          Fonts: EMBED ALL FONTS in your PDF file. No Type 3 fonts allowed.
          File Format: PDF only
          File Size Limitation: 10.0MB
          Do NOT page number your paper
          Do NOT apply security settings to your PDF file.

The following style file and sample paper have been provided which
comply with the above requirements and can be used as the basis for
preparation of your paper.

          LATEX style file (ndes09.sty)
          LATEX sample source file (ndes09smp.tex)
          sample PDF file (ndes09.pdf)

If you have any questions about paper and submission process, please contact