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This is the preliminary program. Barring speaker dissatisfaction, it will go on to become the official program.

Time Event
Thursday, 28 Oct.
afternoonArrival of participants
19h00 Welcome reception and South African dinner
Friday, 29 Oct.
09h00 Kristina Kelber On statistical aspects of chaos-based encryption systems
Joerg Krupar A spectrum shape estimation method for chaos pulse processes
10h30 Break
11h00 Justin Dauwels An analog circuit that locks onto a pseudo-noise signal
Kenji Yano A study on the invariant density of the Bernoulli map with periodically changing discontinuous points
12h30 Lunch
13h30 Albert Kern To be announced (cochlea theory)
Jan-Jan van der VyverTo be announced (cochlea circuit)
15h00 Hiking or thermal bath
19h00 Cheese Fondue
Saturday, 30 Oct.
09h00 Wolfgang Schwarz To be announced
Wolfgang Mathis Thermal noise analysis in nonlinear differential-algebraic equations with applications to relaxation oscillators
10h30 Break
11h00 Ben Arthur To be announced (drosophila behavior)
Ruedi Stoop To be announced (drosophila behavior)
12h30 Lunch
13h30 Alister Nicols Neural communication in memory systems... Where has all the Hebb gone?
Markus Christen & Thomas OttTo be announced (clustering and neuronal data)
15h00 Hiking or thermal bath
19h00 Paella
Sunday, 31 Oct.
morning Departure of participants