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The 2014 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications (NOLTA 2014) was held in Lucerne, Switzerland and co-organized by Prof. Dr. Ruedi Stoop.  The conference was a huge success, with over 280 participants, and a stellar list of invited/plenary speakers, including

  • Louis Pecora (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
  • Leonid Bunimovich (Georgia Tech.)
  • Toshimichi Saito (Hosei University)
  • Stefano Boccaletti (Ist. Nazionale di Ottica Applicata)
  • Johan Suykens (University Leuven)
  • Fred Wolf (MPI Göttingen)
  • Alain Arneodo (CNRS Lyon)


The plenary talks were held in the world famous KKL, regular host to such orchestras as the Vienna Philharmonic, and renown for its sublime acoustics and contemporary architecture.  The 5 parallel talk sessions were held in the convivial environment of the Bourbaki cinema complex; home also to one of the world's last surviving panorama paintings.  The "rundbild" depicts the French General Bourbaki's asylum internship in Switzerland - a defining moment in the formation of the Red Cross.

After 3 days of talks, the participants were rewarded with a picturesque voyage aboard MS Gotthard, across the Vierwaldstättersee, where William Tell notoriously leapt to freedom during a wild "föhn" storm.  During the voyage, traditional Swiss folk music accompanied the discussions and spontaneous dancing.  As the sun set over the lake, traditional alphorn music greeted our arrival.  The destination was the Seehotel Waldstätterhof, host to such distinguished guests as Winston Churchill, Hermann Hesse and Queen Victoria, and on the 17th of September 2014, to the NOLTA participants, for the conference banquet!


Plenary talks in KKL


The convivial atmosphere of Bourbaki


Our ship, MS Gotthard, and our welcome reception in Brunnen


Banquet in the renown Seehotel Waldstätterhof


For further details, see the conference homepage: